Have you tried the starfish m’am?

For anyone who has ever had to start over you will probably know that starting over is scary and hard. But starting over alone especially after being part of pair, (where one half of the pair is the calm, sensible, organiser) going it alone is terrifying. For the first week I lay awake every night teary eyed, questioning my latest life decisions.
Clearly losing it, I dealt with my inner turmoil by verbalising my questions to the dark, empty bedroom in the vain hope that an answer would come from somewhere. Obviously, the not so quiet, Doha night did not reply. But friends and family sent words of wisdom and I found the strength to not quit on my new life.

Fast forward three months after touch down in Doha and my inner turmoil had completely disappeared. However the words of wisdom still stuck with me. People’s response to a newly single person questioning their decision to take a step away from coupledom is always, ‘don’t worry. There are plenty of fish in the sea.’
Not being much of a fish person, I always respond with “I’d prefer a narwhale, octopus or shark.”
Why would we want a fish when there are so many other more exciting creatures in the sea?
I’ve had fish. Fish goes nicely with peas. Fish can be quite bland. Fish promises to travel the world with you. But fish likes to stay in its rock pool, where life is easy, where the tide comes and goes like clockwork. Fish bails on you when you no longer want to eat peas. Now I no longer enjoy fish. The british Cliche of battered fish and chips is just too ironic for me.
I’m looking for something more fulfilling. Something from a more tropical climate. Something with a bit more bite.

The question is, once you have left the safe environment of your rock pool where do you go from there?


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