Neapolitan isn’t an icecream with 3 flavours anymore…

My first few months in Doha required a slight adjustment. A new place, new faces and a whole new culture. It was definitely eye opening. Coming from Scotland I thought I was pretty culturally diverse. After secondary school I’d moved from our close knit little fishing town to the big, city lights of Glasgow.
I went from being a country bumpkin, with nothing but good old fashioned Scottish farmer friends, to a city chick who had friends with controversial views from all different types of economic and ethnic backgrounds.
I walked through shopping malls and I thought I was super cosmopolitan, with my British friends who had family from different parts of the world. But the key word here is British. They had lived in Britain their whole lives, they dressed British, thought British and ate British. They maintained some of their culture but inevitably, like me were British.
Only since moving to Doha have I met people who are actually from different cultures. They grew up in different counties and they have absorbed their local heritage. And they definitely think different, act different and even dress differently to people I had previously met. Meeting people who do not fit into your mould of the world really makes you challenge everything you have ever known.
But just because they don’t have the same ideals, knowledge and rules that we do, does not mean that what they do is wrong. It just makes things different. I have had to adapt.
But every time you meet someone new everything is challenged again.
This is why my dating life has been a source of hilarity for my close friends as I try to, at least pretend to, know what I’m doing.
I have been a yes man, no discrimination from my end. I have now dated a variety of men from different cultures and countries and when two people try to do things that are socially acceptable in their country but not in others… Things get messy!

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