Until last year I was one of those relationship people. I had a three year relationship with my childhood sweetheart followed by another, almost, three year relationship with my university boyfriend. Life was simple. People were normal. Boys were honest… and I, quite obviously knew nothing about anything.

In January 2012 I packed up my life and moved to the big city in the sand, also known as Doha, Qatar.
A great career and life move but apparently moving halfway across the world to work doesn’t do wonders for ones relationship.
Ergo in January 2012 I found myself many miles from home and for the first time ever. I was completely alone.

This is where my story begins and you had better believe I have some stories to tell…

May you find what you are looking for…

In my world it’s quite matter of fact that boys do indeed suck.
When I was sixteen I used to wish that boys would like me. I am almost certain that this innocent childhood dream caused the ancient Chinese curse ‘May you find what you are looking for.’ Why is this a curse you ask? Well I have been dealt my cards. Luckily for me boys began to like me… I just should have been more specific about the type of boys I wanted to like me. Time machine me back 8 years and my wish would be more like …’ I wish tall, dark, successful, health conscious, sensitive (but not too sensitive,) charitable, animal loving, trustworthy and loyal men would like me. Alas hindsight really is a great thing.

Welcome to my blog.
This will be a journey through my life as I work through my curse… There will be laughter, sorrow, laugher, thought provoking questions and probably more laughter… Well laughter for you and mostly utter mortification for me… But as any good therapist would surely say, I’m working through my pain.

P.s if you know or indeed are the man in my second wish please feel free to get in touch… Winky face.